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We know how difficult it can be to juggle your child's therapy...It can be all-consuming along with a job, other siblings and life in general. It is times like this, what seems to be a simple task to some can be the breaking point to us...When will I have time to walk the dog? Our furry friends can be such a wonderful part of our families, especially to our children, but they do require our time and attention and when we are running low on both, that equals greater stress. So we have created ONF Pups Pals, inspired by Mason and Apollo, a boy and his dog that have such a sweet bond that you can't help but smile when you see them together.

The program is designed to alleviate tasks that you may not have time for at the moment - give your family pups some love, a game of ball, a walk in the park or maybe a trip to doggy day care to play with some buds.  We hope this creates a little peace of mind for Mom and Dad, keeps your four legged pals happy and content and best of all, your child's friend around to play with.

If you think this program could benefit your family, please submit a request below to discuss your pet's needs and family schedule. A volunteer will be paired up with you and a routine put into place. 

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What areas would benefit your pup and family?
Is your pup good on a leash?
Does your pup demonstrate any aggression?
One volunteer would be assigned to your family, but it is possible we would have multiple volunteers. Is that okay?
Are you comfortable with a responsible teenage volunteer?
For trips to Dogtopia, would you want to transport your pup, or would you be okay with a volunteer doing it?
Remember to include any of your pup's special needs or other helpful info.